Longevity of McKinlays Footwear

Longevity of McKinlays Footwear

At McKinlays Footwear, we believe that quality is paramount. Our commitment to creating durable and comfortable footwear extends beyond the initial purchase. Over the past week or so we have received several messages from happy customers, regarding the longevity of their McKinlays purchases over the years. Here are a few.

Example of different boots that McKinlays have made

A Lifetime of Dedication and Comfort

“Just finished polishing these and thought you might like to see how well they have worn. I would say they have had a pretty hard life, I wore then mostly in 25 years of teaching. Can’t bear to discard them as they are so comfortable, best shoes I have ever had. Thank you for making such hard wearing and comfortable shoes.”

Four different types of boots from McKinlays Footwear

From Generation to Generation, A Journey of Memories

“Years ago, while scrolling the internet for a clothing company in Dunedin I stumbled across McKinlays Shoes, I bought our little girl some boots in blue so her brother could have them next. On arrival it was obvious I’d done a bad job of sizing and they were just about right for our oldest daughter. From then on, the little pair of blue boots has been handed down from sister to sister and eventually brother, it’s fair to say they have been hammered. Five years later the girls have had replacement and the little blue boot that started it all are on their way out the door (or possibly in a memory box), the 4th in line for the little blue boots was very upset when I told him that they were no longer puddle jumping - sandpit loving - bush walk worthy anymore.”

Different suede boots in different colours       


At McKinlays Footwear, we are dedicated to creating footwear that not only withstands the test of time but also becomes a part of your life’s journey. These heartwarming testimonials from our satisfied customers serve as a testament to the exceptional durability and comfort that define McKinlays Footwear. We take great pride in knowing that our shoes not only accompany you on your daily adventures but also become a symbol of family traditions and cherished memories.

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