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McKinlays clear-cut Jackson Cabana Boots

Finest Quality Footwear Since 1879

Our family has been making quality leather shoes in New Zealand since 1879, and we continue to do so. We’ve seen a few changes over the years, but honest leather shoes crafted by hand here in Dunedin still stand the test of time.

More About McKinlays
  • Traditional skills

    Although we started from humble beginnings, we've taken care to retain some of the traditional skills and techniques that add value to our product and set McKinlays shoes apart from the mass-produced mainstream.

  • Experienced staff

    We've retained the valuable skills and experience of people who know footwear inside out, in total our staff have over 360 years of experience in the footwear industry!

  • Focus on quality

    Our focus on quality, traditional techniques and philosophies, and the continuity of experienced staff, allows us to not only offer you a superior product, but a higher level of service and support.

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You may have a particular style of McKinlays you wish to have made in a different colour, or combination of uppers and soles, than the standard shown on the website. Create your custom shoe now or get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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The History of McKinlays

McKinlays has been making handmade shoes since 1873, starting with Robert McKinlay’s boot-making business. Today, the company is known for its high-quality, traditional veldtschoen stitch-down shoes and is still owned and operated by Robert’s descendants, Graeme and David McKinlay.

About McKinlays History
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