5th Generation McKinlays

5th Generation McKinlays

McKinlays Footwear has been making shoes since 1879, as you can imagine, we’ve seen a few changes since then.

However, even though tastes and styles have moved on (some would say come full circle) one thing has remained the same: high quality footwear, made to last, has always attracted discerning buyers.

This is evidenced by our growing list of overseas customers: we regularly send our shoes to private customers in Australia, America, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Although we started from humble beginnings, we currently make between 130 and 160 pairs of shoes each day. As production has increased to meet growing demand, we’ve taken care to retain some of the traditional skills and techniques that add value to our product and set McKinlays shoes apart from the mass-produced mainstream. We’ve also retained the valuable skills and experience of people who know footwear inside out, in total our staff have over 360 years of experience in the footwear industry.

With an average of over 17 years’ experience per person we have access to skills and quality that cannot be found in mass produced footwear. Using this wealth of knowledge, we are able to make sure that every pair of McKinlays shoes we make meets our exacting standards.

We believe this focus on quality, traditional techniques and philosophies, and the continuity of experienced staff, allows us not only to offer you a superior product, but a higher level of service and support. We look forward to talking with you soon.

Graeme and David McKinlay

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