Customised Footwear

gibson-black-suedeIf you require customised (made to measure) shoes, McKinlays can offer you expert advice and individual shoe making. We have an orthotist working in house to provide the very best advice for difficult to fit customers. We can also modify existing footwear to suit your needs, please contact us direct with any inquiries.


You may have a particular style you wish to have made. Or maybe you like our styles but would like some contrast added on. We can change the colour, soling or the last type for a small fee. Please contact us for more information.


Foot Problems

Most of our standard catalogue shoes are made to accommodate a wide range of Orthotic insoles. In addition we can make shoes to fit your individual needs or specially made orthotics and other styles to cater for a range of foot problems including bunions, different sized feet, interior and exterior lifts, large sizes (up to size 20) and diabetic patients. To measure and record your foot size, use the instructions below.

Feet are affected by a wide range of problems, some straightforward, some complex. McKinlays have over 130 years experience making comfortable shoes, however, some foot conditions require specialist medical assessment. We will advise you if we feel you should seek such advice before having your own lasts fitted or shoes made.


Measuring your feet

Measuring Tips: keep tape firm but not to tight. If you have a specific problem (e.g. a bunion) it is helpful to mark its location on your foot outline (see below).

Measuring around both your feet
Place both your feet on two pieces of paper on a smooth, firm floor. Keeping upright, with weight balanced, have someone draw right around both feet. Pencil or pen should be at a very slight angle.








Measuring Joint
Using a household tape-measure, measure the joint by passing the tape around your foot, behind the little toe and over the joint of the big toe i.e. you are measuring the CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE WIDEST PART OF EACH FOOT. Please mark on outline where this measurement was taken from.
Measuring Your Instep
Pass tape around the centre of each instep i.e. you are measuring the CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE HIGHEST PART OF YOUR FOOT. Please marl on outline where this measurement was taken from.