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All McKinlays-made shoes & boots can be resoled, as long as the uppers and runners are still in good condition. We fit the same sole as previously used or you can choose from the range available on our Soles page. Please note that we can usually only resoles footwear once, this depends on amount of wear & tear. We will advise if we do not think a resole is possible. Please do not return any orthotic insoles with your footwear as these have to be removed before any repairs are done & are very easy to lose.

Please note any footwear being returned to factory must be clean and have any dirt removed from both soles and uppers. Any footwear received in a less than satisfactory condition will be returned to sender.

Resoles are usually completed within 48 hours of being received at the factory, but sometimes it can take longer. If you are in a hurry please give us a call to check on timeframes 0800 657 456

Order your resole here & return your shoes to us.

McKinlays Footwear, 70 Glasgow St, South Dunedin, New Zealand.

Please make sure to include a note in with your shoes with your name, address, phone number and the sole type you are wanting.




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