Mid-Soles & Soles

We use 2 different types of midsole depending on style of footwear chosen. Either a specialized non-woven material we import from Italy or a combination of vegetable tanned leather laminated to a layer of micro-cellular rubber. The upper is then glued to this and stitched through to provide a secure finish before the sole is attached.

Most of our sole units are sourced right here in New Zealand and are made from either Nitrile Rubber or PVC.

Resoling Service

All McKinlays shoes & boots can be resoled with an original patterned unit or we can use nearly any of the soles below on your footwear. Our soles are made in a variety of shapes and materials to give performance and long life. Having your McKinlays resoled is a great way to keep them in peak condition, shoes are normally resoled on the same day they arrive into the factory & we then courier them back to you. A full resole with the original sole pattern costs $80. We are also able to offer a wide range of repairs to other footwear, including replacing zips, heel tips & partial resoles for womens and mens dress shoes. Please contact us to enquire about the costs for other resoles & our refurbishment service. Resole Service Request

Some soles will not fit all styles.

For “Custom Made” shoes we can incorporate your own orthotics and alter soles to suit, including lifts, wedges etc.

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Showing all 12 results