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LASRA Ovine Leather Collaboration

We are lucky to be able to collaborate with LASRA (Leather and Shoe Research Association based in Palmerston North) who are world leaders in Leather and Shoe research. This from their blog in November.



Men’s shoes from ovine leather

Thanks to help from Lynne Rosenbrock and the team from McKinlay’s in Dunedin, a LASRA member company, we have had the opportunity to cut, sew, and make up some example shoes using the latest heavier weight sheep leather prepared using LASRA’s ovine leather process.  The leather produced for these shoes was made in pilot trials, and finished by a cooperating leather tannery, for a variation of MBIE funded project LSRX0801.  One of the objectives of this project was to determine if heavier weight sheep leather could be successfully prepared using LASRA’s ovine shoe leather process.  We think the results have turned out rather well.

Ovine shoe


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If the boot fits, the film world will wear it.

Oscar for best supporting footwear goes to … McKinlays!

The Dunedin-based footwear company created 200 one-of-a-kind boots for Peter Jackson’s latest trilogy, The Hobbit. Company directors Graeme and David McKinlay said the fifth generation-owned business had become involved with film and television productions during the past decade, including King Kong, Lord of the Rings, River Queen, 10,000 BC, Power Rangers and now The Hobbit.