Customer Feedback

Below are actual customer comments from those who have purchased McKinlays Shoes.

A Dunedin shoemaker has created a gargantuan pair of shoes for a 2.26m tall fijian missionary.¬†According to the Otago Daily Times on Wednesday , at 44cm from heel to toe, the size 23 black leather shoes are no ballerina’s slipper¬†McKinlay’s Footwear co-owner Graeme Mckinlay said they had the occasional order for size 18 or 19 shoes but this was the largest in the company’s 128 years of shoemaking.¬†“The Shoes used twice the amount of leather required for the average man’s size-9s and boot laces are needed to lace them,” he said.

Below is an extract from John Bougen from All Nations Quest who TRAVELLED AROUND THE WORLD and wore a pair of Mckinlays Shoes everyday of the 167 days.

“Further to our telephone conversation, please find within the shoes that have stood the ultimate test.

As the attached letter validates they were worn everyday for 167 days and managed to see just about the entire world.

I would have to say that they were so comfortable that I was even wearing them after my return despite the obvious wear to the heels…

More Comments

“Great shoes. I have purchased approximately 30 pairs for my staff (mostly pilots), who use them everyday in temperatures from – 10 in Queenstown to 45 in Northern Australia.”

“Shop service excellent. my size not in stock but arrived 2 days later. As usual these shoes fit like a glove and need no wearing in. They last me some years!”

“Your shoes are comfortable and your slogan – “always go the distance” – is true. These shoes are hard out strong.”

“This is my fourth pair of McKinlays and I’m still wearing two of my previous purchases (I liked them so much they have both been resoled. I never buy ‘cheap shoes’ – McKinlays suit my style, retain their appeal, are comfortable, and great value for money.”

“Just a short note to congratulate you on the great quality of your footwear. I have been looking for a long while to find some quality Australian or NZ made. I have purchased a pair of Kimbell shoes from a store (McKenna’s) in Malvern, Victoria. so good to be able to buy products of quality made here (Aust or NZ), rather than the heaps of rubbish being imported into Australia from Asia particularly China. Keep up the good work. PS I’m going to buy a pair of your Sherwood boots! (I’ve been a farmer for 35 years – feel I know quality leather and workmanship!)”